Bridges to Opportunities is the proverbial "win-win." Not only does it provide a cost-free opportunity to pursue a career in the construction or transportation industries, but it is a way for construction companies and labor unions to tap into a potential pool of trained workers who are ready to contribute to a project. Here is what they have to say about the program: 

Bridges to Opportunities will give you a career that you can use to help your family, help yourself and the overall community because you’re employable... all you have to do is apply yourself.
— James Reynolds, B2O Participant

James Reynolds was laid off from his job as a pipefitter. While at the Kentucky Career Center filing for unemployment, he learned about Bridges to Opportunities and applied for the program. “It looked like something that could benefit me just when I needed it,” he said. James got into welder training at the Knight School of Welding to gain additional certifications and enhance the skills he had acquired as a pipefitter. That led to various new job opportunities.

This is the opportunity that opened the door up for me. They’re really interested in helping you get a career, not just a job.
— Walidah Hinkle, B2O Participant

Walidah Hinkle was working at a package-handling facility when she decided to pursue a new career. She enrolled in the B2O program and was accepted as an apprentice. She has been a flagger working for the Ohio River Bridges Project since October of 2013.

The Bridges to Opportunities program has really helped me improve my skills, and that improves my chances for finding work on construction projects.
— Alfredo Bravo, B2O Participant

Alfredo Bravo is taking B2O training at Knight Welding School, where he is pursuing an American Welding Society certification. 

B20 is truly beneficial to the Bridges Project, but is also helpful for other projects. The program will turn out some highly skilled, highly useful individuals that can work any construction project around the state.
— Marvin Jackson, Assistant Project Manager – Walsh Construction

Marvin Jackson is an Assistant Project Manager with Walsh Construction, lead contractor for the Downtown Crossing of the Louisville-Southern Indiana Ohio River Bridges Project, and is a big supporter of Bridges to Opportunities.